OsberBotJune 2013 - Today
My baby project

OsberBot is an IRC chat bot that runs in Twitch's channels. Its users can use it for many things like moderating their channel, displaying informative text and tracking stream information.
The bot has now been remade from scratch 4 times. The first 3 were programmed in Python 3 and the last one in Java. There is also a website which currently has a PHP backend, but will eventually be remade in Java.
This piece of work is worth over 1000 hours of conceptualizing, coding, debugging and providing customer support.
It is still in use today and is constantly being reworked.
The website with all the information can be found at http://osberbot.com/.

Brits 'n' Butts' websiteAugust 2015
Using APIs and making a secure and sturdy back-end

Kaplock Gaming is a fundraiser group and Brits 'n' Butts is the annual main event.
For the 2014 event the donation system was made last minute and thus needed to be fixed and maintained during the whole event.
Having learnt from that lesson, I spent an entire month working on a very sturdy back-end, double-checking that every usecase possible was correctly handled to make sure that during the event everyone could donate and I could just sit back and enjoy it with everyone.
The back-end was programmed in PHP with a MySQL database and using JustGiving's API.
The gorgeous front-end was made by @GreenpencilLP and the website can be found at http://britsnbutts.com/.

Trash Rolling TurtleApril 2014
Ludum Dare 29 JAM Entry

Trash Rolling Turtle is an educational runner-type game made under 48 hours.
Programmed in Python 3.4 with the graphics library PyGame.
Assets by @_Inaar.
Music from Incompetech.
The original entry with sources and a download link can be found here.

Twitch Plays SnakeSeptember - October 2013
A fun social experiment

Twitch Plays Snake is simply a snake game where the input has been connected to the Twitch chat.
People could type in the chat the direction they wanted the snake to go, and after the ~45 seconds delay imposed by Twitch they could see the snake more on the screen.
I then had the idea to have two instances of the game running, one hooked up to the chat for people to play, and another hooked up to the chat of TwitchPlaysPokemon which was running at the time and see who got the highest score.
With luck and/or good timing, the players did manage to beat TwitchPlaysPokemon.
Programmed in Python 3.4 with the graphics library PyGame.
Unfortunately the game and its sources have been lost.

The Adventure of Starrlett the MothbuttsterSeptember - October 2013
My after school personal project

A shoot'em up game made in 2 months as a friend's birthday present. The game features a simple gameplay but also unlockables, achievements, upgrades for weapons and a boss fight.
The game's main idea is that everything is a private joke.
Programmed in Python 3.2 with the graphics library PyGame.
Assets by @Penenyme.
Music remixed by @LitZippo.
The sources and a download link can be found here.

Mindcrack Tower DefenceAugust 2013
When I realised maths were useful in programming

A tower defence game made in about a week on the theme of an internet community called Mindcrack.
Programmed in Python 3.2 with the graphics library PyGame.
Music from Incompetech.
A download link can be found here.

Brick BreakerLate 2012
My very first video game

A very simple brick breaker game made in about 3 months, remade from scratch a few times.
Programmed in VB.net.
A download link can be found here.